Cairns Property Maintenance

Our team of Cairns Property Maintenance experts are experienced in working with all types of property maintenance , property repairs, fencing, renovations, painting, doors & windows. We can be relied on to help you with a vast array of domestic solutions. WE LISTEN, WE UNDERSTAND, WE PERFORM, WE ACHIEVE

When looking for Property Maintenance in Cairns, it's vitally important that the team you hire are experienced and highly-skilled. All of our Taylor Made professional team are selected based on their skills and qualifications, and on top of this also receive full in-house training to ensure they understand and match our code of ethics.

Realistic pricing based on our interpretation of your requirements.

Reliable service procedures set to the highest industry standards using staffing levels and skill sets we believe to be the most efficient. Specialist knowledge of your requirements because “Taylor Made Enterprises Pty Ltd” operates over a broad variety of job sites, we bring to this project a high level of understanding of your requirements.

Fast response to your needs

Your Contract Manager will be available to attend to all aspects of your service requirements including any emergencies and special requests that may occur. Close supervision and regular service reviews will ensure any unexpected discrepancies are immediately brought to our attention and resolved.


The ability to anticipate and quickly adapt to change is crucial to achieving success in today’s competitive market place. “Taylor Made Enterprises Pty Ltd” is constantly pre-empting and responding to change and continually developing solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients. When dealing with unexpected abnormalities in your schedule, our structure will assist you to overcome your unique challenges no matter how complex they may be.


Our ability to deliver value-engineered savings over the life of a contract stems from our culture of continual learning, development and improvement through innovation. We always look to the future to develop fresh ideas for solving our client’s operational problems more effectively and efficiently.

Value for money pricing

Our role is to support your success by working in a partnership with you, sharing the goal of increasing efficiency.