Quality Policy

“Taylor Made Enterprises Pty Ltd t/a Taylor Made Cleaning Solutions” strives to maintain a consistently high level of service to our clients, which conforms to all contractual, mandatory, health and environmental requirements.

“Taylor Made Enterprises Pty Ltd” personnel are aware of the need for good customer relationships and are the need to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Quality Commitment

The company will at all times allocate adequate resources and facilities to ensure quality of product and service, compliance with agreed specifications and the comfort and safety of staff.

Quality Objectives

To ensure “Taylor Made Enterprises Pty Ltd” quality objectives are achieved and maintained, the company has adopted the following strategy:

  • Implementation of a Quality Management System.
  • Monitoring of customer feedback to obtain a measure of the effectiveness of the quality policy.
  • Implementation of a Contract Management Plan.
  • An ongoing evaluation of systems will be performed and the quality policy refined to achieve a consistently high standard of Quality services that satisfies the clients changing requirements.
  • Periodical review of contracts to ensure compliance and profitability.
  • Compliance to all legal and regulatory requirements.

Customer Perspective

“Taylor Made Enterprises Pty Ltd” regards communication and feedback with our clients as critical to the effectiveness of the quality system. Above all else, this organisation is committed throughout its operations to achieve the highest level of “Quality Service”.


Responsibility for this policy resides with the Operations Manager, delegated to the Customer Service Manager for compliance